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Which level of Safeguarding training do I need?

LSCB Safeguarding Training Guidance for Partner Agencies 
This document outlines Kingston and Richmond LSCB expectations regarding safeguarding training for staff and volunteers from our partner agencies. This document is intended as a guide and where there is specific guidance regarding safeguarding training for agencies such as education and health these should also be followed. Managers from settings and organisations ultimately have responsibility to identify who should attend which safeguarding training courses from their teams.
This document underpins Working Together 2018 and the Safeguarding Training Competency Framework which is included in the London Child Protection Procedures and provides a framework for single and multi-agency training to enable professionals, volunteers, agencies, organisations and services to acquire the skills and knowledge to work effectively within existing guidance and procedures for safeguarding children. 
To see the full guidance click here

Our Safeguarding training is available for all practitioners and managers who work directly with or have contact with children and their families in Kingston & Richmond.  This includes adult’s services, community, voluntary & faith sector, foster carers, fire service, housing, probation & police

To find out which level of safeguarding training is suitable and relevant for you and your organisation click here

For specific guidance for early years, health, schools & school governer & voluntary and community sector please click the links below;
·         Early Years and Childminders
·         Health
·         Schools
·         School Governors

To see how often your safeguarding training should be refreshed click here 

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